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Jumpstart Your Biomedical Career Skills, Strategy, Structured Career Building Start with Courses Now! Resources During and After your Ph.D. Access to the Most Current Career Trends Online Downloadable Resources Biomedical Career Instructors Our Book Connect with trainees and professionals nationally Learn from the masters in the field Observations, career cases, and solutions to sucessfully navigate thru graduate school to dean or alternative careers

Fall e-Learning 2021

Biomed Careers is offering e-courses November in Prepping for a Career in Academia, in Alternative Bench Careers, and Grants Aquisition. Courses will be uniformly deliverd with deliverables to revise and add to where ever your current portfolio is in development. Subscribe to our -BBCgroup (Building Biomed Career Group) to get info in your email. 

Leading Biomed Career Development in Houston and Nationally

We are the first online career development firm to offer courses and manuals for biomedical scientists, see them here. We offer 24/7 accessible resources to help align skills to get the position in a field alternative to the bench. See our courses here. If you want to boost your skills in the lab for graduation see national resources here. Contact us at info@3dbiomed.org with questions.

Biomed Careers Newsletter 

 Our 2021 Monthly Newsletter will feature a Career focus and 25% off the manual for that month for the career of focus. The topic for January includes Industry Careers and a Mentor checklist. News of Biotec development in Houston and work like balance will be featured in each newsletter. Signup to get your monthly newsletter here.


Our Blog 

Our Blog tells you about key events like virtual career fairs and strategy in navigating biomedical careers. Our newest blog is entitled "Breaking into Alternative Careers". Check it out here.

Planning a Career in Science

Join our National Networks! One of the first for Biomedical Science professionals. Follow us on twitter to get critical time sensitive info on fellowship and internship deadlines. Follow us on Facebook to view academia and alternative career options. Connect with us on Linked-in. Our linked-In network shares job search success, job announcements, and current fellowship application info. Our Blog has valuable science career information on deadlines and resources.

Houston is Future to HX, TMC3, and UH Medical School.

See more of what is coming to Houston here.


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Biomed Careers is a science career education consulting firm which imparts knowledge and skills to millions of biomedical professionals worldwide.

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