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Our newest course- How to enter forensic science careers is open. 

 This course preps you to enter a career in forensic science. Learn the different types of careers you can use your Ph.D. for in forensic. Learn the certifications and affiliations to engage in to boost your competitive edge. See proven career maps that got PhDs jobs in the field and create your own collaborative career map.

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We study biomedical career progressions to bring you unique strategy for each type of biomedical career entrance. Read our white papers here.


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You can do anything with your Ph.D. with our skills/strategy approach in our career prep courses. We research career paths, strategies, and specific meetings, societies, and training opportunities to give you the edge. This is the next step after attending a career symposium or workshop. Get started today.

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Meet graduate students and postdocs nationally who are interested in a similar biomedical career and interact within our live courses to identify career specific skills, fellowships, societies, and strategies. 

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