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Our courses focus on skills development to enter alternative scientific careers. We know you may have attended a career symposium and decided on a field to enter. This is your next step before applying for jobs. Our courses follow the same format and give you the same type of information for each field.

Our courses focus on naming positions in the career, identifies places to apply who have hired scientists, identifies key action terms you may need on your CV to get recognized by recruiters. We get you to sketch out the exact types of positions and companies you want to apply to.

The course walks you through evaluating your CV, and suggests networks to join to strengthen your alternative career background. This is important as you will need to know people in the field to serve as a reference. The networks we suggests also have first knowledge on

We also list alternative career skill building opportunities to get hands on work in the field. This critical when going for interviews. You want to have a solid level of experience to describe. Engaging in the opportunities or finding opportunities in your area similar are critical in the strategy to building your competitive advantage over other applicants. We want our clients to gain a strong career portfolio before applying to jobs.

Finally in our course ends with examples of career paths and choices others who have gotten hired in the field chose. Then we give a collaborative resource you can share with your mentors (industry specific references) to get their feedback on your career plans so they can write you supportive letters of reference. Industry specific references are a benefit because they often recommend you or refer you when new positions come up in the field.

Course should take about 3 weeks to complete and get new information added to your CV to strengthen it for recognition over other candidates.


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