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Negotiations in the Lab

What are you negotiating for: authorship, vacation, reagents, grant submission, conference attendance, more time?

Entering discussions, requesting a reagent, or even a professional development course or conference needs an approach. Try starting

with an observation, then the request.

“I’ve noticed my gene expression Ct values are low, can we order X to enhance the RT step?”

“I’ve noticed my written communication could use some work, can I attend this publishing course or grant writing course?”

“I’ve noticed you communicate a lot with postdoc Y, can we add more meeting times to speed up my figure analysis for my paper, so I can quickly submit it.”

I have noticed the abstracts for X conference are open, and I have solid data on Y, is it ok to submit an abstract? Does the lab have funds to support my attendance to the conference?- (And this is a good opportunity to increase your visibility)

Notice, there is an observation then an action. What can you use this approach for in your workplace?

September 18, 2018

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