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So, what can you do with a career in the business of science?

Would you like working steadily on scientific development projects, traveling, using creativity and analytics to solve problems as a consultant?

Are you interested in product management, market strategizing, licensing, etc. in product development?

As a field application specialist are you interested in writing internal audits, setting up equipment and software for users, and travel?

In addition to the real places to apply to that hire PhDs, LinkedIn groups are listed to join for networking in scientific business careers.

Course Curriculum

Unit 1.1 Decide on Your Best Fitted Job Descriptions in the Business of Science 00:00:00
1.2 Job Titles in the Business of Science 00:00:00
Unit 1.3 Where to work in Scientific Business 00:00:00
Unit 1.4 Skills Needed in Business Management 00:00:00
Unit 2.1-Unit 1 Review Data Science and Regulatory Career Skills 00:00:00
Unit 2.2 Why and How to Network in Science Writing 00:00:00
Unit 2.3 Where to Network in the Business of Science 00:00:00
Unit 2.4 Informational Interview. 00:00:00
Unit 3.1 -Unit 2 Review. 00:00:00
Unit 3.2 Join a Society and take a Course in Business Science 00:00:00
Unit 4.1 Unit 3 Review 00:00:00
Unit 4.2 Apply for Fellowships and Certifications in Science Business 00:00:00
Unit 5.1 -Unit 4 Review 00:00:00
Unit 5.2 Find and Register for a Business Science Conference 00:00:00
Unit 6.1-Unit 5 review 00:00:00
Unit 6.2 Construct a Future Career Plan in  Science Business 00:00:00
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