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highlight the skills you have and learn the skills you need to get a job in forensic science.

Are you a fan of CSI?

Are you interested in applying your genetics or pharmacology training outside of the research lab?

Curious how you can manage a forensics lab?

Did you engage in bone research and now want to get into forensic anthropology?

This course will answer these questions. Have fun preparing and getting your CV ready to enter into this newest career for biomedical scientists. 

Course Curriculum

Unit 1.1 Decide on Your Best Fitted Job Descriptions in Forensics for Biomedical Scientists 00:00:00
Unit 1.2 Job Titles in Forensics 00:00:00
Unit 1.3 Choose where to work in Forensic Science 00:00:00
Unit 2.1-Unit 1 Review. 00:00:00
Unit 2.2 Why and How to Network 00:00:00
Unit 2.3 Where to Network. 00:00:00
Unit 2.4 Informational Interview. 00:00:00
Unit 3.1 -Unit 2 Review. 00:00:00
Unit 3.2 Join a Forensic Science Society 00:00:00
Unit 4.1 Unit 3 Review 00:00:00
Unit 4.2 Apply for Forensic Science Fellowships and Certifications 00:00:00
Unit 5.1 -Unit 4 Review 00:00:00
Unit 5.2 Find and Register for a Forensic Science Conference or Symposium 00:00:00
Unit 6.1-Unit 5 review 00:00:00
Unit 6.2 Construct a Future Career Plan in Forensic Science 00:00:00
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